Welcome to EchoSub, the tool you need for subtitle timing, correction and creation.

This day in age, there's nothing special about watching movies on your pc. And while you're at it, you might as well add some subtitles. Unfortunately, subtitles are often incorrectly timed, contain mistakes and sometimes you just can't find a subtitle file for the movie you want to watch. With EchoSub, you can solve all these problems!

If you like watching movies with subs, you need EchoSub. Best of all, it's completely free!



August 7th 2011 : On windows 7

Just some notes on windows 7: EchoSub seems to work on windows 7 if you run it as an administrator (sorry 'bout that). The way to change the volume in the video editor is different if you're on 7, or if you have a recent version of media player installed. You can now change the volume with the F8/F9 keys. Happy subbing!.

April 21st 2007 : 2.2 Available (again)

Download EchoSub 2.2

A big thanks to Mike, who still had the archive of echosub 2.20 lying around. So the download is up again while we're working on the big 3.0.

Download EchoSub 2.2

February 25th 2007 : Server issues

It's been ages since I actively worked on this project, because it was pretty much done and did not need much work. But as neglected projects do, I had some server issues. Basically a hosting company where I had some files closed my account and I forgot that I still had those files on there. Also, since it's been such a file I've lost track of where I keep them (oops).

Error is human, so for a while you'll have to do with version 2.0.

If anyone still has the installer for a more recent version that would be very nice.

It has also come to my attention that Echosub 2 is not compatible with Windows Vista. The reason for this is that VB6 is no longer supported so this is not easy to fix. I took advantage of the opportunity to rewrite the program using my newer skills ;) in a compatible (.net based) language. It will take longer than expected though, because of my newly obtained job. So please have some patience, as it will be worth it :)

Download EchoSub 2.0

August 27th 2004 : 2.2 Available

Download EchoSub 2.1

Thanks to Vladimir Georgiev, who pointed out the default font doesn't allow for Cyrillic characters, I added a font setting for the visual editor. I also made a fix so the program wouldn't crash when the settings are incorrect.

Download EchoSub 2.2

July 12th 2004 : 2.1 Available

Download EchoSub 2.1

Thanks to RDHoore, who pointed out the default decimal character for SRT is a comma, not a period. I made it a setting, so you can change it manually. I'm also still working on keyboard shortcuts.

Download EchoSub 2.1

March 10th 2004 : SFX version available

Download EchoSub 2.0 (SFX)

Someone reported that the Installer wouldn't work on some configurations.

It's never possible to test an installer on each and every config, and at the current time it's also impossible to create another one, so from now on I'll release an SFX archive as well with each version, starting with 2.0.

The SFX archive can of course be extracted all by itself, or, should you have problems with that too, with a a ZIP-compatible tool, like WinZip or WinRar.

Thanks to Roy Flint for the error report!

Download EchoSub 2.0 (SFX)

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