August 7th 2011 : On windows 7

Just some notes on windows 7: EchoSub seems to work on windows 7 if you run it as an administrator (sorry 'bout that). The way to change the volume in the video editor is different if you're on 7, or if you have a recent version of media player installed. You can now change the volume with the F8/F9 keys. Happy subbing!.

August 27th 2004 : 2.2 Available

Download EchoSub 2.1

Thanks to Vladimir Georgiev, who pointed out the default font doesn't allow for Cyrillic characters, I added a font setting for the visual editor. I also made a fix so the program wouldn't crash when the settings are incorrect.

Download EchoSub 2.2

July 12th 2004 : 2.1 Available

Download EchoSub 2.1

Thanks to RDHoore, who pointed out the default decimal character for SRT is a comma, not a period. I made it a setting, so you can change it manually. I'm also still working on keyboard shortcuts.

March 10th 2004 : SFX version available

Download EchoSub 2.0 (SFX)

Someone reported that the Installer wouldn't work on some configurations.

It's never possible to test an installer on each and every config, and at the current time it's also impossible to create another one, so from now on I'll release an SFX archive as well with each version, starting with 2.0.

The SFX archive can of course be extracted all by itself, or, should you have problems with that too, with a a ZIP-compatible tool, like WinZip or WinRar.

Thanks to Roy Flint for the error report!

February 21st 2004 : EchoSub v2.00 Released!

Download EchoSub 2.0

The day is here! EchoSub2 Release Candidate 5 made the presses!

Well, not really the presses.

With an all new look and tons of cool features, EchoSub2 is ready to be downloaded and put to a use! For an overview, check out Version History.

Download EchoSub 2.0

February 16th 2004 : beta1.8 (RC5) is out!

Sorry for the few updates lately. As you can see, there were 6 betas in between, which I didn't upload here. The reason for that is that I'm so close to releasing. This beta 1.8 is Release Candidate 5, and might very well become the defenitive version. The manual is just about done (not included yet though) and the new website which will escort the launch is ready to be served. I still need to make the installer work, though. This version comes as an SFX archive. Here are the changes for this version (about all of them)

[ note : download link removed ]

December 19th 2003 : Beta 1.2 is out!

Found a bug in the SRT load algorithm. Empty subtitles weren't handled properly. That should be fixed now.

[ note : download link removed ]

December 17th 2003 : Beta 1.1 is out!

I screwed around with the associations since that didn't seem to work. Also, I made some cool-looking icons for the file types (srt, sub, ssa, txt and sami). I'm thinking of putting the settings in the registry instead of ini files... but that'd be for next beta. Tell me what you think!

December 14th 2003 : Beta 1 is out!

After three days of none stop programming I converted the alpha into a beta! That means that everything I want in there, is in there, only it still needs to be tested thoroughly. I added 6 file formats, the most known. There are about 50 I've heard, but most of them are practically unused. Currently supported :

Of course, all formats are read-write. If there are any bugs, they're likely to be in merge/split or shift/stretch. But don't be scared, a bug in the program won't kill you. Just report them when you find 'em. And don't be scared to give suggestions for new additions for version 2.1 ;).

December 14th 2003 : Alpha 2.1 is out!

There was a very stupid glitch in the previous alphas in the timeselector (used in shifting and stretching) causing the program to crash to desktop. Thanks to Hans for pointing that out!

December 13th 2003 : Alpha 2 is out!

A few minor changes here and there, but most importantly, a second filetype support! SAMI files, the second most used (next to SRT), are now supported. These are also the hardest to implement, so the rest should be up a bit quicker. I put the OCX files (see below) in this archive, so you don't have to download that to use this version (alpha2), however, you'll still need the VB6 runtimes if you don't have them.

December 13th 2003 : OCX Release

Because some people were missing libraries for the alpha, I uploaded the ones that most people don't have. Download them here. Extract the archive in the folder where you put the exe. If you have problems due to one of the following files, please use this archive.

If you're still having troubles with missing dll's, keep in mind you still need the VB6 runtimes, available here. Also, you'll need an up-to date version of windows media, available at the microsoft website.

November 7th 2003 : EchoSub2 Alpha 1 is out!

Version 2 Alpha 1 is available. This is an alpha version and available for testing purposes only. Everything should work, except for multiple filetype support, which I am still working on. This alpha version still only accepts SRT. All other functions are in there, it should work, and if it doesn't, please report it, since that's why it's an alpha.

August 17th 2003 : Hard Drive Crash Notice

My hard drive crashed on August 14th, and I lost most of my source files. Do not expect any updates anytime soon. Don't buy an IBM DeskStar.

August 2nd 2003 : Version 1.21 out

Fixing times in the list editor didn't seem to work, and I added some wrong data checks. The listing now follows the selection when you move to the next and previous invalid sub and I fixed a problem with the scroller. Merging and splitting is a bit faster.

There's a small chance this version is still a bit unstable, although I tested it a lot and it seems to work. But just for those who would like it better, version 1.1 is still available for download. There are A LOT of changes in this new version. Hope you like.