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Moved to new domain at www.echostyle.be. Update your bookmarks! The site is planned to be renewed for the release of EchoSub 3.0. Could still be a while though, since I'm very busy with work and such.


Moved back to the old address at http://users.pandora.be/cube/estyle/


EchoSub 2.0 released!

Check it out on the fresh and clean EchoSub project page.

On smaller news, the site was moved to a different address because it was getting to large for a single pandora account.


EchoSub Beta is out, check out the EchoSub website. Another project is added, though it's a small one. An EAN13 barcode generator. Available in .NET usercontrol or regular .NET application.


The Art and Tutorial sections are moved to my personal website. The EchoStyle site from now on only covers EchoStyle Projects and history. I also added a link to the lesrooster generator.


I am now officially a student at the Katholic University of Leuven (http://www.kuleuven.be) Yaay. Well now I'll even have less time to work on ns :S. On the positive side though, I made some money with web design the last few months, and I'm planning on *finally* buying that Wacom tablet I always wanted. This means two things, A) There'll be a lot more to see in the Art section, and hopefully better, too. B) My work on NS will go a lot quicker, since I can draw directly into photoshop, using layer effects to see the previous frame in the animation. That should really speed up production. What's more on NS: I'm working on the inventory interface. I stopped using the 3D item view idea which I had, because it'd be way to much work designing every possible item in 3DSMAX (I'm not very good at that, either) So I'm just drawing the items. Furthermore, I've done some work on an intro, but I'm not at all happy about it. What I'll probably do is create an intro using Media Studio in AVI format, and then play that trough directshow. A lot easier, and since nearly everyone's got broadband these days, it won't be a large problem. I don't know whether or not I'm allowed to use DivX for the compression. Otherwise it'll just be regular MPeg4 compression. I'll mail DivX to ask.


1.See, see, I updated! Yaay. Anyhow. First of all I'd like to inform you my QB life is oficially over. The C++ jump I wanted to make, and which had to wait for NS to be completed, is still pending, but for now I jumped over to Visual Basic + DirectX. Why, you ask me? Well, I installed windows Xp. It's a fact that in a few years, everyone will be using XP, 2K or a newer windows version. Sadly as it is, it is the official end of DOS programming. I thought if I released NS now, there'd be no audience. (and the audience for amauteur game programming is small enough as it is) So in a crunch moment, I ported all I had of NS to VB in only two weeks!!! I've got all editors (level editors, sprite editors) completely written in VB with DirectX! The game itself works too, except for all the sprites I still have to draw... anyhow. I'd just like to say, NS still isn't dead, and although I jumped to VB, I didn't really lose much work, I'm pretty much where I was before the jump. The new high res graphics are a bit easier to make using photoshop, which meens I might have less trouble making all the sprites. Engine-wise, the game is as good as complete (and seemingly bugless) but I'm lagging on the drawing again. Oh well. It'll come. Still no project page though... prolly after the exams.

2. On a not-so-unimportant sidenote. I finished another project!! Check out EchoSub in the projects sections. It's even got a project page! (although a quick-and-simple job) It's aimed towards all divx-enthousiasts. It's quite useful.

3. The art page should be updated... you can find my temporary art archive at http://users.pandora.be/cube/Art. Check it out.