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Welcome to PowerWorm, the game with a worm!
PowerWorm is a nibbles-clone, an old arcade-classic. I saw an ad on Neozones, a challenge to make the best wormgame. So I started this thing. But due to technical difficulties the game wasn't released in time (my harddisk broke down, and I couldn't do anything for a month!) A beta was luckily already released to my friends to test, so as soon as my PC was restored, I could continue, restart from the beta. But by then the contest was already finshed. I don't know who won. So I released it like any other game, and here it is, for you to play. ;)




A manual is available here



Theoretically, PowerWorm supports themes. However, I never did release a theme editor, or a theme. There WAS a QB theme... but I lost that.

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