EAN 13 Barcode Generator

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A lot of people seem to think a barcode is merely a font. One character, one series of bars. This cannot be further from the truth. While barcodes exist that work this way, the most widespread, EAN13, uses a far more complex coding scheme. EAN13 consists of 13 numeric characters (0-9) from which the last is a checksum. (So you can only choose the first 12).

What the generator does

The EAN13 Barcode Generator generates Barcodes from a series of numbers. It can be run with an interface, or from the commandline. (read readme.txt for more info) It is also available as a .NET user control.

About .NET

The EAN13 Barcode Generator is the first EchoStyle app completely written in C#, for the .NET framework. As a consequence, you need the .NET framework version 1.1 (or a compatible CLI interpreter, should that exist) on your pc to run the application.

The .NET Framework version 1.1 can be downloaded for free here.


Copyright Notice

EAN13 Barcode Generator is ŠEchoStyle 2003.

Programmed by Cube

EAN13 Barcode Generator is freeware. Feel free to spread it among your friends, as long as the original readme file is included and remains unchanged.