While learning Managed DirectX9 with C#, I quickly managed to draw a small cube. Cubes are fun things, since you can do all kinds of games with em. So before going on with my 'training', I decided to do a Tetris clone based on Cubes. CubeTris! (so it doesn't really have anything to do with my nick)

CubeTris! is a Tetris Clone for Windows, based on the original Hit Classic (yeah!). Blocks drop from above. Rotate and move them to form lines and gather points. The more you score, the faster the game moves, until it moves faster than you do.



Hardware Requirements

CubeTris! should work on any PC which can handle the Software Requirements below. Measured framerates are 100fps on a 1.2Ghz machine with full hardware rendering, 40fps on a 1Ghz machine with weak hardware rendering, and 15fps on a 700Mhz budget mechine with no hardware rendering.

Software Requirements



CubeTris! (game over)




Other files


Contact Info


If you find a bug, or the readme can't help you out on something, or want to use the code somewhere, email me.


License Information

CubeTris ©2004 by EchoStyle productions, programmed by J. Hendrickx

CubeTris is provided as freeware on an as-is basis. It is forbidden by law to make money out of the reproduction of it, or to use it for other commercial purposes, without written authorisation from the author.

The author cannot be held responsible for any damage done to hard and/or software by CubeTris.

You are allowed to look at the code and learn from it, and spread it among your friends, as long as the license is kept intact. You can use snippets of code in your own software, under following conditions:

  1. You inform me by email and get confirmation from me.
  2. You give credit where credit is due
  3. The software which is created with it is not used for commercial purposes, it will not aid you in financial gain.




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